Pet Food Production Line

Complete Per Food Production Line

Complete Pet Food Production Line

Atromak Supplies Complete Pet Food Production Lines in 2 different production capacities as: 500 kg per hour and 1.000 kg per hour. The Pet Treat Processing lines usually include the automatic drying system and steam system, as well.

Following foods can be produced in the Pet Food Making Machines:

  • Dog food;
  • Cat food;
  • Bird Food;
  • Dog Chewing Bone;
  • Fish food

The Pet Food production line is capable to manufacture the food with various shapes, particular tastes and scientific nutrition for lovely pets.

Complete Pet Food Production Line

The input (start off material) of the Pet Food making line can be Different items. Pet food producers usually use corn powder, wheat flaour, fish powder and bone powder in their production.

The standard Pet Food production lines include the following equipment:

  • Mixer;
  • Screw Conveyor;
  • Twin Screw Extruder;
  • Air Conveyor;
  • Multi-Layer Oven;
  • Roller;
  • Oil Sprayer;
  • Flavor Roller.
Pet Food Manufacturing Equipment