Tahini Production Line

Tahini production line

Complete Tahini Production Line

We offer complete Tahini production line starting from washing the sesame up to final product with packing.

Tahini is popular product and an important part of many sweets such as hummus, halva etc. Tahini is produced from sesame seeds. There are plenty of tahini production factories in the world.

Tahini prodution line starts with the washing and drying of sesame seeds. There are sieves at this part, to sift the sesame seeds.

The next operation is the roasting of the sesame. Electrical heating or gas heating is used to roast the sesame in 2 hours. After the roasting, mill is grinding the roaste sesame. The grinded sesame goes to the mixer unit. Mixing equipment mixes the product to make more homogenous.

Further operations are the cooling and filling of the tahini. Many filling options are available. Some customers connect the tahini making machines to the halwa or lokum production line directly.

Tahini making machine
Tahini manufacturing equipment