Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant

Hot Dip Galvanizin Line

Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant

We supply complete hot dip galvanizing plant to make the galvanization of black steel material. The capacity of the galvanizing plant can be different, according to customer requirement. We provide a complete desing including the building of the ggalvanizing plant.
Main parts of the plant are acid bathes, drying units, zinc kettle and galvanizing furnace. There are also plenty of transfer shuttles and cranes withing the plant.

Last ten years after the modern engineering plastics has been developed against F.R.P.(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester). The recent HDG Plants have been furnished with Engineering plastics. Plastics are elastic, have good impact resistance and can be fusion welded, bended and repaired.

Tank bodies are mono block and work without risk at longest time. We can offer alternative and better tank materials. Instead of usual PP Homopolymer, natural color Copolymer or black polyethylene sheets can be used.

The process starts with the transfer of the materials to the acid bathes. To remove different impurities and Iron Oxide layer black ware must be dipped in Acid / Alkaline Degreasing bath and Hydrochloric Acid solution. After this operation, the material is transferred to the Drying Department. Drying Part consists of two different departments for two traverses with separate coverings.
Special power and electronic control system observe the speed and thermal conditions of the unit.

Hot Dip Galvanization Line

Zinc Galvanization Plant

Hot Dip Galvanizing Factory

Dip Galvanizing Plant

Futher, the process continues at the kettle site. The Kettle made of U-formed center section with pre-welded pressed ends. Side wall thickness is 50 mm.

In the kettle, the pre-treated materials are galvanizing with dipping method into molten zinc at 445-450C. The last process is natural cooling of the material.