Hole Punching Perforation Press

Atromak supplies Hole Punching Perforation Presses along with the necessary die set or tooling. We can provide Hole Punching Perforation Presses beginning from 40 ton up to 200 ton capacity with speed of 50-80 strokes per minute. Table sizes can be something between 500-550 mm up to 620-790 mm. All our presses have safety features like the light curtain, overload warning, double hand button etc.


  • Steel frame construction body
  • Pneumatic clutch and brake combination
  • Double Axis Servo Feeder
  • PLC application and monitor
  • Speed control Unit (40-60-80 ton)
  • 4 guide ram
  • Main table and ram with T slots
  • Ram and similar pieces steel casting
  • Central automatic lubrication system
  • Manual ram adjustment


  • Conformity to the European Directives
  • Custom designed feeder size
  • Lubrication spray system on sheet
  • Pneumatic clamps