Mechanical Presses

Mechanical Eccentric Presses

Mechanical Presses We Supply

We produce and supply all types of Mechanical Eccentric Presses, starting from C Type Presses up to H Frame Presses. Furthermore, we provide Hole Punching and Perforation Presses, as well. Certainly, all our presses have safety features like the light curtain, overload warning, double hand button etc. We also provide the necessary die set or tooling, according to customer requirement.

Eccentric Presses offer a variety of advantages:

  • Fast production
  • Very repeatable action with precision accuracy
  • Simple set-up and operation
  • Relatively inexpensive

C Type Mechanical Presses

H Frame Mechanical Presses

C Type Eccentric Presses
  • PLC application and monitor
  • Steel frame construction
  • Pneumatic clutch and brake combination
  • 4 guide ram
  • Ram adjustment
  • Mechanical overload safety device
  • Main table with T slots
  • Single stroke, continuous stroke
  • Foot pedal or double hand control
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Digital Counter
H Frame Mechanical Presses
  • Steel frame construction
  • Pneumatic clutch and break combination
  • PLC application and monitor
  • Speed control unit
  • Double arm
  • Motorized table-ram adjustment
  • Central automatic lubrication system
  • 8 guide ram
  • Main table and ram with T slots
  • Ram cushioning cylinders