LPG Cylinder Production Line

Turnkey LPG Cylinder Production Plant


We produce and supply complete LPG cylinder production line for the manufacturing of different types of LPG cylinders. The production capacity of LPG Cylinder Production Line can be different according to the customer requirement. The usual speed of the line starts from 50 cylinder per hour and goes up to 300 cylinders per hour capacity.

We can design the line for the production of any LPG cylinders. including the following main 3 types:

  • Camping type LPG cylinders;
  • Domestic LPG Cylinders;
  • Industrial LPG Cylinders.

LPG Cylinder Body Forming Line

The production starts with the decoiler where the coil material is loaded by the coil loading device. The decoiler in uncoiling the coil material and feeding to the straightener for the straightening process, after which the straight steel is fed to the double blanking press. Press is making the circular discs, two pieces in each stroke. The cut discs are collected in the carts and fed to the 300 ton Hydraulic Press manually for deep drawing operation.
The Press is making the deep drawing and valve hole punching in one operation and the output is the deep drawn and punched cylinder halves.
The cylinder halves are transferred to the trimming joggling machine manually by the operators. The loading-unloading of the trimming joggling machine is also manual. The trimming joggling machine is capable to make only trimming or both trimming-joggling operations without changing the die.

Foot Ring and Valve Guard Ring Production Line

The production of the valve guard ring also starts with the decoiler and the coil material is uncoiled first, then fed to the straightener feeder machine. The feeder is feeding the steel to the blanking press, where the press is cutting the steel into the required size. The ready blanks are round bent on the round bending machine and formed under the forming presses.

LPG Cylinder Welding Machine

LPG Cylinder Welding Machines

The cylinder halves and the foot ring and valve guard ring are transferred to the welding section on the conveyor. Valve bosses are welded onto the upper cylinder halves firstly with Submerged Arc Welding. As a next step, the foot rings and valve guard rings are welded onto the cylinder halves vith MIG-MAG welding and then two halves are welded together with the 360° Submerged Arc Welding.

LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment

The welded cylinders are transferred to the heat treatment furnace for the stress relieving and normalization process. The furnace heats the cylinders up to the 930° temperature. This heat treatment process is essential for the life of LPG cylinders. After the heat treatment process, the cylinders cool down slowly.

LPG Cylinder Production Heat Tratment Furnace

LPG Cylinder Testing Machines

The heat treated cylinders are tested on the Hydrostatic Testing Unit by filling the water and keeping the water pressure at 35 bar (adjustable) at 30 seconds (adjustable) within the cylinders to visually check the leakages on the cylinder body.
The checked cylinders are then shot blasted in the Shot Blasting machine to clean the surfaces from the scales of the heat treatment process. Then the cylinders are transferred first to the zinc metallization line to be coated with the zinc layer in order to protect it from the corrosion.

LPG Cylinder Painting Lines

LPG Cylinder Painting Line

The zinc coated cylinders are painted in the painting line with the electrostatic powder painting device and transferred to the curing oven.
After the painting operation the valves are installed onto the cylinders by the special unit where the appropriate torque is applied and the ready cylinders are finally checked in the air leakage testing unit, where the cylinders are filled with the air and immersed in the water basin to check the leakage in the valve and valve boss section.

We can also supply LPG Cylinder repair line and LPG Cylinder requalification plants. Alternatively, we can put both LPG cylinder production line and repair equipment together in one plant.

Complete LPG Cylinder Production Line