Wheel Production Line

Complete Steel Wheel Production Lines

We supply manual to fully automated, turnkey wheel production line, as per customer requirement. We also provide single machines for the production of the wheels for passenger cars, trucks and trailers. Furthermore, machinery for the production of agricultural and special purpose vehicle wheels (e.g., military, off-road, construction, earth moving, and heavy industry) are also available.

In the meantime, we are able to offer wheel production technology and process know-how to our customers. Such technological support can improve the product quality and production efficiency of the factories. We provide superior equipment and top quality tooling to the wheel industry for more than 40 years. This equipment consistes the rim preparation, rim profiling, disc production, assembly as well as finishing or testing of the wheels.

Our fully automated Hydraulic Press Lines were specially designed for manufacturing of passenger car and light commercial vehicle discs. The process is completely automatic with a production capacity of 500 or 720 passenger car wheel discs per hour. All presses of the line move simultaneously with flexible transfer mechanism. Thus, it allows for short cycle times and more compact production plant layouts. The automatic transfer mechanisms in between presses provide maximum flexibility and minimum cycle times.

We also design and supply automatic and quick Tool Changing System for a smoother operation.

What We Supply

We supply the following wheel production line solutions for the wheel manufacturing sector:

  • Passenger Car Disc and Rim Production Lines;
  • Light Commercial Vehicle Disc and Rim Production Lines;
  • Commercial Vehicle Disc and Rim Production Lines;
  • Agricultural Vehicle Disc and Rim Production Lines;
  • Special Purpose Vehicle Disc and Rim Production Lines (Military, Off-Road, Construction, Earth Moving, Heavy Industry)

In addition to the complete wheel production line, we also design and supply the following lines;

  • Rim Preparation Line;
  • Rim Profiling Line;
  • Disc Production Line;
  • Rim & Disc Assembly Line;
  • Combined, Side and Lock Ring Production Line;
  • Finishing Line (Painting and Packaging).

Besides, for the factories, who already produce the wheels, we offer the following wheel production machines:

  • Cut-to-length lines;
  • Disc forming presses;
  • Coilers, Decoilers and flatteners;
  • Butt welders (AC/DC);
  • Weld trimmers, planishers, side-trimmers;
  • Re-rounders;
  • Roll formers (rim rollers);
  • Expanders;
  • Shrinkers;
  • Hydraulic presses (for valve hole, de-burring and assembly);
  • Special machining equipment (Disc turning, multi-head drilling, gutter turning etc.);
  • Assembly welders (AC) and welding mechanization;
  • Uniformity measurement units;
  • Special purpose equipment;
  • Tooling and die sets.

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