Wheelbarrow Production Line


We design and supply a complete wheelbarrow production line from A to Z. A wheelbarrow is a carrier, usually having only one wheel, consisting of a tray with two handles and two legs. Actually, we supply most feasible production lines to produce all types of wheelbarrows for using in the garden or construction or farm.

A standard Wheel barrow production line consisting of the following production steps:

  • Production of the wheelbarrow trays on hydraulic deep drawing press. The input material can be both the coil sheet metal or blank steel. In the meantime, for this stage an appropriate deep drawing tooling is necessary.
  • Trimming or cutting of the tray sides. Trimming machine cuts the sides of the wheelbarrow body in an automatic way
  • Beading of the tray sides. Previous machine is appropriate for this operation, as well. Alternatively, we can put a separate machine for just beading operation, in order to increase the production capacity.
  • Bending of the chassis pipes. Both the automatic CNC bending machine and mechanical bending equipment is suitable for this operation.
  • Welding of the tray body with the chassis. At this stage, the body of the wheelbarrow is welded to the pipes. Alternatively, bolt and screw connection is applicable.
  • Painting of the ready wheelbarrows (customer can choose the manual or automatical painting of the wheelbarrows).

Our lines can produce all types of wheelbarrows with any tray thicknesses (0,50 mm – 1,20 mm) and volumes (60 lt – 120 lt)