Soap Production Line

Complete Soap Production Line

We supply complete soap production line for producing of two basic soap types:

  • Toilet Soaps
  • Laundry Soaps

The shape and chemical composition of both types are different from each other. Therefore, the production lines also differ from each other.

Toilet soap’s quality is higher than laundry soap. So the toilet soap production machines are necessarily made of stainless steel. However, laundry soap production machines can be made of carbon steel. Furthermore, toilet soap is usually in an oval form. On the other hand, laundry soaps are in an angular shapre. So two lines has different cutting machines.
Production capacity of the Toilet soap production line can be between 300-2000 kg/hr. However capacity of the Laundry soap production line is between 300-3500 kg/hr.

Soap Production Machines

The main soap production equipment are mixer, roll mill, refining machine, plodder, cutting machine and stamping machine. We can add the soap wrapping or packing / packaging machine, as per customer requirement.

The line is capable to produce different shapes of soaps only by changing the tooling.

As a start off material, customer can change 2 options. 1st option is the production of soap from oil & fats. 2nd option is the production of soap from the soap noodles.

Soap Production from Oil & Fats

In this type of production, main input materials are natural plant oil, animal fat, and caustic soda. The oil and caustic soda do saponificaiton reaction and produce soap and glycerin. Oil and fat include: palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, cotton seed oil, tallow, etc.

While using the oil to produce soaps, it is easy to control the quality of products. Actually, more investment is needed, but it creates more profit. Except the standard soap machines, it needs one set of 2 ton/hr steam boiler, 300 m3 workshop, 10-12 workers, electric power 380 V, 200 kW.

Soap Production from Soap Noodles

Soap noodle is a semi-product, and it is also made from oil and caustic soda. Some soap factories use soap noodle as a start off material for producing soaps. The best soap noodles are usually imported from Indonesia or Malaysia.

The production from soap noodles requires less investment. Because the machines materials are less in this type of production. Naturally, it means easier production technology and relatively less profit. It doesn’t need a boiler. Furthermore only 100 m3 workshop, 5-8 workers and 380 V, 60 kW electric power is enugh for this technology

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