Hydraulic Decoiler


We supply the hydraulic decoilers with capacity from 6000 kg up to 20000 kg, with loading car option. We can offer different type of decoilers such as manual or fully automated multy-headed decoiler, as per customer requirement.

The main types of decoilers:

  • Single uncoilers
  • Double uncoilers
  • Double Ended uncoilers
  • Five head uncoilers

Several options are available such as: hold down arms and snubbers, feed-up and rewind, power hydraulic rotation, hydraulic expansion etc.

The most popular models are:

  • 6 ton Hydraulic Uncoiler
  • 10 ton Hydraulic Uncoiler
  • 12 ton Hydraulic Uncoiler
  • 15 ton Hydraulic Uncoiler
  • 20 ton Hydraulic Uncoiler

Roll inner pressure function is working with hydraulic system and control system can be controlled with joystick control system. Moreover, loading car is working with engine and speed control system is standard option on loading cars.

The main features are:

  • Coil Carrying Capacity : 6000 kg – 20000 kg
  • Coil Inner Diameter Clamping Capacity : 400-550 mm
  • Coil Outside Diameter Working Capacity : 1600 mm
  • Working Width Capacity : 200-2000 mm
  • Coil Inner Pressure Function : Hydraulic Mandrel
  • Machine Working Movement : Left – Right
  • Inverter Motor with Speed ​​Control